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Our Ammeraal Conveyor Belt.

Ammeraal Beltech is one of BENGAR’s biggest partners. This manufacturer is able to provide a wide range of conveyor belt products to suit every industry.

Ammeraal Beltech is a world leading manufacturer of process and conveyor belts for an diverse range of applications in nearly every major industry.

In every industry, improvements in production mean new process solutions have to be found. Working together with our customer and with leading research institution, Ammeraal Beltech has developed many conveying concept.

We understand the importance of keeping business operations running smoothly and we know how costly and disruptive down-time can be. That is why we offer a local service network that is often available around the clock. Our skilled and enhanced personnel are on call to install and service the entire range of the Ammeraal Beltech product profolio.


Food Safety and hygiene are always a must in the Food Industry. We know this because Ammeraal Beltech began with bakery belts! For more than sixty-five years, we’ve worked with the Bakery Industry, finding new solutions with them for all the challenges this industry presents. We’re ready to help you, too.


Passenger baggage is a vital aspect of airport management, and how quickly, safely and accurately it moves around will directly influence overall airport efficiency and consumer satisfaction. Ammeraal Beltech belts are providing outstanding service in airports around the world. Let us help you keep your passengers moving as well.


Logistics requires speed, accuracy and reliability, and that’s exactly what Ammeraal Beltech belting solutions give you. An industry on the move – and a partner that helps you deliver. We can find the right belt for every process in your operation.


Tobacco and Ammeraal Beltech share a long history. We have worked with the leading tobacco processing equipment manufacturers and with the world’s most important tobacco companies and know the unique challenges they are facing. Leaf hands, loose leaf, tipped and butted tobacco, threshed, dried and packed tobacco – the production stages that tobacco passes through all have very different application requirements. Our non-toxic belts are designed specifically to suit these applications and perform reliably, repeatedly and economically.

Paper & Print

Ammeraal Beltech belts, for speed and accuracy in the Carton and Box Folding Industry.


Textile, Yarn and Fabric Manufacturing. To stay competitive, textile production lines must continue to evolve. As industry requirements rise, so do our standards of performance and product excellence. Ammeraal Beltech provides belt types for the most important textile sectors. Our comprehensive range is built around six product groups:


Our wide range of solutions and our reputation for high-quality products that deliver precision performance over a long lifetime, along with our excellent service network, have made us a trusted industry partner.

Tyre & Rubber

Within the Tyre Industry, Ammeraal Beltech has been setting the standard for many years with consistent high product quality and market-specific features. Innovations over the years, close co-operation with customers and leading research institutions have resulted in a number of new concepts.


Reliability, high efficiency, safety and low total cost of ownership are all key factors in achieving high performance. We’ve developed belting solutions for almost every conveying application and our belts are being used in all areas of automotive manufacturing plants and other vehicle handling systems around the world.


Ammeraal Beltech has specially designed belts for coil-wrapping machines and for sheet conveying, as well as felt belts for extrusion and synthetic belts for slitting and polishing.